Bucket List

Know how to scuba

Write a novel

Become a pilot

Work for the UN

Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

Learn martial arts

Live abroad

Donate blood

Write a thesis


Get driving license

Visit India

Learn Spanish

Visit Valencia, Spain

Have flat abs

Learn graphic design

Join lifeguard

Learn puasa puasa sunnah

Visit Disneyland

Learn Arabic

Own a shalwar kameez

Swim with jellyfish

Visit Serengeti, Tanzania

Learn how to make macarons

Learn tajweed

Hike a mountain

Adopt a tiger as pet

Become a millionaire

Visit Istanbul

Own leather boots

Do sky diving

Travel the whole Indonesia

Become a barista

Own properties

Have my own library

Memorize the Al-Qur’an

Live among native Americans

Become an animal trainer

Watch a circus

Involve in an archaeology expedition

Go kayaking

Become a volunteer in international organizations

Learn belly-dancing

Go rafting

Learn horseback-riding

Have my own travel agency

Go backpacking

Take up medical school

Learn how to make baklava

Visit Greece

Watch the entire episodes of the X-Files

Read Kamasutra

Have a date with Johnny Depp

Watch a Broadway show

Own a cheongsam dress

Design jewelry

Win a monopoly game

Attend an Indian wedding

Watch World Cup live

Learn how to make pempek

to be continued…….


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