Y’know, I never understand why 11 is called eleven instead of onety-one. But that’s a whole another story. For now, I’m just gonna do this homework from an¬†Ibu-Ibu Labil, hehehe

So here goes.

11 things about me:

1. I like to procrastinate. Procrastination feels so damn good. Which reminds me…I should be doing my thesis right about now since my supervisor wants it in her desk first thing on Monday, and that’s two days away. But what the hell, I’m gonna procrastinate some more ūüėõ

2. I don’t mean to be racist, but I really really really like black guys. I like how their skins glow under the light, I like their big hands, I like their backsides, and their deep voices. Send the shiver down my spine. In terms of yumminess, my favorite black actors are Denzel, Isaiah Washington and Laz Alonso.

3. My name means cinnamon bark in Hebrew, and my second name means bean flower in Latin. Yep, my mom majored in agriculture.

4. I don’t read or watch Twilight. I find it stupid and shallow.

5. I watch a lot of tv series. My favorites are usually police procedural drama, and my least favorites are sitcom and teenage drama. I  never watch Japanese, Korean, Chinese series, which brings me to my next point:

6.  I find Japanese and Chinese languages disturbing. I had this Taiwanese girl as a roommate once, and every time she spoke on the phone, I felt like smacking her in the face.

7. I wear glasses since I was 11.

8. I loooooove animals. In fact, I think I love animals better than I do people.

9. I don’t follow celebrities’ twitter¬†account. Actually, I don’t get why people like to follow celebrities’ twitter account. I mean, why do you want to know what they ate, where they ate and with whom they ate? Complete non sense. This brings me to my next point:

10. I don’t get why celebrities would tweet what they ate, where they ate and with whom they ate. I mean, if I had that kind of influence, I would definitely tweet something useful.

11. I play any kind of games: video games, board games, card games, mobile phone games, etc. I just bought a collectible game for 50 dollars. I’m sure my mom would kill me if she finds out.

11 questions from pemberi peer:

1. Lebih suka teh atau kopi? Sebutkan alasanmu!
Um…teh..kopi..teh..kopi, oh I really can’t choose. I love them both.
2. Sudah berapa tahun nge-blog?
7 tahun tapi akun blog yang lama sudah ditutup dan sisa sisa zaman jahiliyah sudah dihapus hihihi. no fun, i know.
3. Apa pengalaman paling berkesan selama nge-blog?
Paling berkesan adalah rekomendasi website kacamata murah dari seorang fellow blogger. you can get a pair of prescription glasses for as low as 7 dollars. How great is that?
4. Apa judul buku terakhir yang kamu baca? Hayoooooo..
Ecofeminism by Maria Mies & Vandana Shiva
5. Apa judul film terakhir yang kamu tonton?
Can’t remember, but I watched grey’s anatomy just now. Does it count?
6. Ada saran/masukan untuk blog ini?
Um..saran? Apa ya, stay labil? hihihi
7. Ada anggaran tertentu nggak dari gajimu yang dianggarkan untuk makan di luar? Sebutkan alasannya!
Nggak ada, Alasannya karena nggak punya gaji. Mahasiswa.
8. Apa yang paling kamu sukai dari pekerjaanmu yang sekarang? Jawaban boleh lebih dari tiga, lebih disukai berbentuk uraian ^_^
Saya suka jadi mahasiswa karena liburnya banyak, dapat stipend tiap 2 minggu dari sponsor dan nggak ada yang marah-marahin ¬†seperti waktu saya kerja beneran. ūüėČ
9. Seberapa pentingkah Me Time bagi kamu yang sudah bersuami? Kalau belum bersuami, perlukah Me Time buatmu bila menikah kelak? Kalau kamu laki-laki, maukah kamu memberikan Me Time bagi istrimu? Apa alasannya? Kalau sudah pernah membuat  postingan tentang ini, sertakan link-nya, ya ^_^
Sungguh sangat penting sekali banget.
10. Adakah sesuatu yang sangat kamu inginkan dan kini sudah tercapai?
Working for the UN. That was quite a blast.
11. Lebih suka mie ayam atau bakso? ūüėÄ
Mie ayam ajalah ūüėÄ
Dan berhubung saya orang yang baik, tidak suka menyuruh-nyuruh dan tidak suka memilih-milih, saya nggak akan menunjuk 11 orang untuk mengerjakan tugas ini. But, If you’d like to then feel free to do it. ūüėČ

Human Beings Stink!

I read this heartbreaking news a few days ago.

What. The. Fuck!

From what I read somewhere else, rhinos are killed for their horns, which are used in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac. We wipe out these beautiful creatures for sex, just so human beings can keep breeding?! As if that reason isn’t bad enough, we had to go hunt them down because their horns worth more than all of our asses combined.¬†Another amazing species of animal has become extinct because of human’s greed. Sheesh!

Some would say that this is evolution, that what survives survives and what doesn’t doesn’t. Well, guess what?! Evolutionarily speaking, we are the most environmentally stupid, barbaric, greedy species that has ever existed. This is a man-made extinction, not a natural one. WE destroy the animals; it’s up to us to NOT destroy them.¬†The sad thing is that the people with the power are the people with the guns; all the protection policies in the world are not going to stop rifle-wielding poachers from sneaking out and killing rhinos, elephants, tigers, and whatnot.¬†Mankind is definitely a virus, determined to corrupt this planet and all its worth.The only way this planet will survives is if we become extinct!

It’s sad that mankind has no idea how important animals are to the ecosystem. We are at the top of the food chain and if we want to continue exist on this planet then we have an obligation to maintain the environment we all live in.

Me so sad ūüė¶ ūüė¶

*photo from here.

Current Addiction

John Travolta goyang pinggul!

shoo-bop-bop, shoo-bop-bop, shoo-bop-bop, heeeyy…

Kangaroo’s Testicles Buat Oleh-oleh?


Found these a while back at a souvenir shop. Bottle openers made of kangaroo’s testicles.

Would you open your bottle with it?

Why Can’t People Mind Their Own Business?

1. No mind

2. No business

Pity, huh?


First thing first, I have nothing against cadar, nor am I in favor of it.¬†I have never joined the people who made fun of cadar, neither have I defended it. I don’t even want to discuss the hukum ¬†of wearing it.

This post is purely written out of my curiosity. Well, and a wee bit of confusion.

So, there’s this account on facebook, owned by a local restaurant. One cadarer¬†(she called herself that, so let’s just use that word from now on) asked the restaurant if they have a separate dining space for cadarers, with the reason being “supaya wajahnya nggak dilihatin orang.”¬†Expectedly, the restaurant doesn’t have that kind of area. It was an aiming-for-teenagers kind of restaurant. Of course, it doesn’t have a closed-private-vip area like high class restaurants do. Anyway, some more cadarers¬†joined the conversation, suggesting the restaurant to provide a closed area. Of all of them, only one cadarer¬†was sure that nobody would stare at them when they’re eating with their cadars¬†on.

I think it’s a little strange.

It’s strange how they don’t want people to look at their faces, yet they have facebook accounts! With photos in it. With pose. With two fingers forming a V, and whatnot. I mean, if they don’t want people to look at their faces, why create a facebook account in the first place? Why upload photos in it? You think people can’t look at your faces in the photos? Well, guess what, not only that they can look, they can also stare. They can stare for a loooooonggg time at your face. Now, why is that any different with staring at your face while you’re eating? What is your cadar¬†for, then?¬†See my logic here?

I am not against¬†cadar, I made that clear. My aunt and my cousin wear it. Their favorite restaurant is Pizza Hut, visit it almost every week. With their¬†cadars¬†on. And they don’t give a sh*t when people stare at them. And there’s no way in hell that they would join facebook. Because they believe¬†that their cadars are meant to protect themselves and everyone else from the sin of looking at a woman’s face.

The way I see it, when you devotedly believe in one thing, then be consistent about it.¬†If you believe that it is haraam¬†for people to look at you, then keep the social activities to a minimum. Do take away your food, don’t go nongkrong, and definitely don’t go parading yourselves¬†in social networking sites.

Of course, being the nosey person that I am, I commented on their post. I know. I can’t believe I did that, either. Tsk.

Iseng Iseng

my first four words are genuine, loyal, outspoken and compassionate.

what’s yours? ūüôā