Selamat Ulang Tahun

Lying awake next to your snoring self, I finally decided to write this little birthday message. I wasn’t going to, y’know, because I doubt a message of a few lines could sum up all my feelings for you. But, I feel like doing it, so I’m gonna do it anyway, okay? Just please bear with me for a moment, okay?

As you very well know, this is the first time we celebrate your birthday together. I was always away on your previous birthdays. Hey, I warned you, buddy, but you married me anyway. You know, it always amazes me how you can be so selfless. How you never seems to be wanting anything, other than what I’ve done for you, no matter how small. How you never demands anything, not for me or everyone else. How you can be so grateful of life, of everything, of me. How do you do that?? Anyway, wishing you a happy birthday used to be simple. You seemed to be happy with whatever I’d got to say, and I could get on with whatever things I was doing. But this year, staring you at the face on your birthday for the first time ever since we’re together, it makes me feel that I have to wish you a happy birthday every time we catch eyes! Silly, right?

Giving a birthday gift used to be easy, too. On our first years together, I got you the most expensive gift I could afford at the time. The following years, I got you gifts that I thought would be useful for you. But I knew, those gifts were never spot on. This year, I’ve been thinking about what to get you since January, I’ve been raking my mind. What could I possibly give you? A ton of kisses? A loving hug? A few buckets of love? Even all of those put together wouldn’t be enough, for you are so dear to me. So on this day, the day of your birthday, I can only give you a promise. I promise you my devotion, my love, my companionship. I promise you: Me.

Happy Birthday 😉


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