Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pas Foto

Been dropping my resume for job vacancies several times when all of a sudden it struck me, I so very much hate my resume’s picture. It’s a passport picture from a few years ago. Why on earth should it still be in my resume?

Oh, I remember! I refused to make a new one because I’ve gained kilos in the past two years, and passport pictures don’t lie. So why do most job vacancies require passport pictures or resume with passport picture? Really, what do they want to see from that unflatteringly unflattering picture? What can they possibly judge from it? Blemishes? Uneven skin tones?

Seriously, there’s a reason why it is called a passport picture. It’s supposed to be on ID cards. Only.

As for a resume, I think a casual picture taken in daily lives would say more about our personalities and qualities. Only casual pictures can show if someone is respectful, or if they are adventurous and ready to take risks, or if they only care about themselves. The last quality usually can be seen from a self-taken picture with that you-know-I-am-pretty look on the face.

Oh, well, anyway…just a little thought. Moving on..