5 Things I Hate About Summer

I’m feeling like making a list today, and the only thing that popped out in my mind is the same thing that’s been bothering me since the beginning of December. Yes, summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunlight, but only when it is accompanied by breezes and low temperature. Other than that, I pledge war on summer. I could list down hundreds of reasons of why I hate summer, but I guessΒ  I’ll settle for five. So, I hate summer because:

1. Heatwave

To begin with, I can’t really function in a hot weather. I can’t think and I can’t focus. Hell, I can’t even open my eyes properly (most of the times). With heatwave, IΒ  basically can only do two things: making ice cubes and taking showers.

2. Flies

In Indonesia, flies only appear in dirty places. Australian flies are so much more confident. Last night, we have to leave our room door open because one fly seemed to think that my room is its playground. Oh, did I mention it was the size of a peanut??

3. Summer clothes

Too. Much. Skins. And not all of them are nice to look at.

4. Long Day.

For a nocturnal being like me, a long day is a torture. Just by the time I am ready to function, there comes midnight, and a few hours after that, morning. And it’s torture all over again.

5. Death by heatstroke.

Hey, laugh all you want, but people die from heat all the time. And I can’t help thinking that I’m gonna die from heat sometime soon.


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