First thing first, I have nothing against cadar, nor am I in favor of it. I have never joined the people who made fun of cadar, neither have I defended it. I don’t even want to discuss the hukum  of wearing it.

This post is purely written out of my curiosity. Well, and a wee bit of confusion.

So, there’s this account on facebook, owned by a local restaurant. One cadarer (she called herself that, so let’s just use that word from now on) asked the restaurant if they have a separate dining space for cadarers, with the reason being “supaya wajahnya nggak dilihatin orang.” Expectedly, the restaurant doesn’t have that kind of area. It was an aiming-for-teenagers kind of restaurant. Of course, it doesn’t have a closed-private-vip area like high class restaurants do. Anyway, some more cadarers joined the conversation, suggesting the restaurant to provide a closed area. Of all of them, only one cadarer was sure that nobody would stare at them when they’re eating with their cadars on.

I think it’s a little strange.

It’s strange how they don’t want people to look at their faces, yet they have facebook accounts! With photos in it. With pose. With two fingers forming a V, and whatnot. I mean, if they don’t want people to look at their faces, why create a facebook account in the first place? Why upload photos in it? You think people can’t look at your faces in the photos? Well, guess what, not only that they can look, they can also stare. They can stare for a loooooonggg time at your face. Now, why is that any different with staring at your face while you’re eating? What is your cadar for, then? See my logic here?

I am not against cadar, I made that clear. My aunt and my cousin wear it. Their favorite restaurant is Pizza Hut, visit it almost every week. With their cadars on. And they don’t give a sh*t when people stare at them. And there’s no way in hell that they would join facebook. Because they believe that their cadars are meant to protect themselves and everyone else from the sin of looking at a woman’s face.

The way I see it, when you devotedly believe in one thing, then be consistent about it. If you believe that it is haraam for people to look at you, then keep the social activities to a minimum. Do take away your food, don’t go nongkrong, and definitely don’t go parading yourselves in social networking sites.

Of course, being the nosey person that I am, I commented on their post. I know. I can’t believe I did that, either. Tsk.


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9 responses to “Cadar

  • della

    I think what u did to them is right.
    Sesama muslim bersaudara, kan? Dan adalah hak mereka untuk diberi “nasihat“ (saya yakin kamu nggak akan menyebutnya seperti itu, makanya saya kasih tanda kutip, hehe..) supaya mereka juga bisa ngeh ^_^

    The way I see it, when you devotedly believe in one thing, then be consistent about it.

    Selalu ada yang bisa dikutip dari postingan kamu, I love it ;>

    • qezzia

      hey, mba della, makasih udah mampir lagi hehee.
      my filter system is very fact I don’t think I have one, I always end up saying things without thinking first, mudah2an mereka ngga tersinggung ya 😀

  • tyka

    Similar thing happened to me today. Ada murid berjilbab, tp DP (display picture) BBM-nya menunjukkan dia dgn rambut tergerai. Apakah aku menegurnya? Oh ya pasti. My filter is also rada blong rem-nya, hehehe. Udah kali ke-2 aku menegur dia krn DP BBM-nya dia yg sebelumnya juga udah dgn pose rambut tergerai. Kalo sampe DP BBM berikutnya masih kyk gitu juga? I wont say anything, ever again.

    For me, menegur secara langsung itu merupakan kewajiban kita sbg sesama muslim/ah. Tp IMO, negur juga ada batesnya. cukup 1-2x aja lah, hehe.

    • qezzia

      weird, ya, how some people claim themselves to be one thing, but act as a total different thing.
      iya yah…kalo negur berkali-kali sih tugas emaknya aja kali yaaa hahaha

  • tyas

    #agak-agak oot
    saya kadang suka penasaran gitu si suka ngeliatin kalo ada yang pake cadar (jarang juga si ngeliat org pake cadar). kok kayaknya ribet amat ya, apalagi kalo mereka ketempat umum gitu. hem

  • Asop

    Huidih, posting-an begini janga pake bahasa inggris dong ah… 😛


    ahahahah ternyata orang cadaran bisa labil juga yeh,, baru tau 😀
    cadarer narsis bok :p

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