I Don’t Hate Babies, But…

I felt giddy and literally shivered as I flicked through a friend’s photo album in facebook just now. She just had a baby boy (or girl?), I’m not sure, the name sounds like a unisex one. Anyway, she uploaded tons of baby pictures and randomly tagged people, including me. It annoys the hell out of me when people do that. Sure, I understand some people like to parade their precious ones, but, hello! One picture is enough to inform people about your bundle (or bundles) of joy.

To make things worse, nampaknya semua orang sedang/akan/ingin punya bayi. That means in a few months or so, they’re gonna tag me in their kids’ pictures and my facebook page will be flooded with babies!

Come on, I don’t really fancy a real live baby (If I did, I would have one now, wouldn’t I?), so what made you think I like clicking on notifications tab only to find 50 new notifications of baby photos?

It’s not that I hate babies. I’ll make that clear. I just don’t like them. Wait, let me rephrase that. I just really really really don’t like them. You know, like if I had water and a baby is on fire, I’d rather drink it hahaha. Children, particularly those who can only speak monkey (namely: babies and toddlers) are just not my thing (yet).

See…this is what I don’t understand. It seems like everyone’s life is revolved around babies. Obsessed with babies. I mean, that’s perfectly okay when you’re obsessed with your own babies, but when you start poking around someone else’s life and endlessly asking them (well, me!) about when I’m going to have babies, that’s definitely not okay! Ask me once and when I answer “not yet”, respect that! Don’t go asking me again. Don’t try to squeeze some explanations out of me. Don’t try to convince me to have babies.

Just don’t.

I want to be sure what I’m getting myself into. Having babies is a very big thing, and I don’t want that kind of commitment yet. Right now, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to be a mother. That, I’m sure.

Now, are you?

Are you sure that having babies is what you want? If you are, good. But what if you’re not?

A lot of people, I daresay, haven’t even got the chance to ask themselves that most important question, “Do I want it?”. It looks like you’re expected to pop out babies once you’ve got married. Looks like you have to. When I don’t, people think there’s something wrong with me. That I’m not healthy. That my husband can’t get the job done. That I’ve been westernized. That I’m this or I’m that. You know what, people?! Go fu*k yourselves.

It’s really none of your freakin’ business.


I really wish people would stop asking me about kids.


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