I don’t have a title. Sue me?!

Ever had one of those days when you literally look up to the sky and shout ‘seriously?!’ Ever had one of those day when everything is so messed up that you think your day couldn’t go more wrong, but it did? I have. Today, in fact, was one of the worst day in my life and I’m not exaggerating. First, I had to deal with the fact that I’m going to be away from my husband one more time, after spending a 9 days vacation together. I don’t know why but this particular goodbye affected me so much more than previous ones. I was scared that it was the last time we could see each other. I still am actually. I never feel this way before. Then, I had to wait for my 10pm flight back to Adelaide. I had been at the airport since 10 in the morning, I stayed at the airport after bidding my other half goodbye. Bali bores the hell out of me, so I didn’t feel like going anywhere. So I waited for 10 good hours in this godforsaken so-called international airport that apparently doesn’t have a transit hotel or even a decent waiting room. My back hurts so bad from sitting for 10 hours straight. At 8 pm, the information board announced that my flight had been cancelled, and nobody were there to tell us what to do or where to go. So, most of the passengers ran to the lady at the counter, demanding explanation. This blessed lady had the nerve to tell a passenger to shut up, called her rude, and told her to repeat her question politely. I mean, what the hell, our flight had just been cancelled in the middle of the night! The passenger had every f*cking right to be upset! And to be fair, I don’t think she was rude. She was just panicking. I was about to explode from everything. But I couldn’t just snap at people or scratch their eyes off, could I? That was really torturing, having so much emotions bottled up like that. I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m tired and I think I’ve had enough for one day. I really need a good cry now *sigh*


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